OptoMET Nova-Remote-Sense SWIR Digital Laser Doppler Vibrometer

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OptoMET Nova-Remote-Sense SWIR Digital Laser Doppler Vibrometers perform non-contact vibration measurement with a frequency range of 0 - 25kHz, a working distance of up to >300m and a 1550nm laser wavelength. OptoMET Nova-Remote-Sense vibrometers measure acoustic and mechanical parameters such as vibration displacement, velocity and acceleration with an invisible SWIR laser. The SWIR laser possesses 10 times more output power than a classical red HeNe-Laser and is Class I eye safe. Thanks to this powerful infrared laser, Nova-Remote-Sense vibrometers are especially suited for measurements on difficult surfaces, long working distances or very high frequency applications, the working distance varying from 0mm to >300m.