Polytec RLV-5500 Rotational Laser Vibrometer

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The Polytec RLV-5500 Rotational Laser Vibrometer is a 3m laser vibrometer with a bandwidth of up to 100kHz. The Polytec RLV-5500 measures angular velocity and displacements as well as rotational vibrations on arbitrary shaped structures. In addition, the RLV-5500 helps you to precisely analyze the rotational dynamics of drivetrains, gas turbines, electrical generators, printers and copiers, and thus enables you to develop products efficiently, and perform troubleshooting operations quickly. The RLV-5500 Rotational Laser Vibrometer incorporates high-performance digital decoding techniques for a perfect signal-to-noise-ratio, an outstanding RPM range and a compact measurement head. The compact size of the sensor head makes it easier to get close to the measurement object. For applications carried out in a harsh industrial environment, the sensor head is equipped with an integral air purge system that keeps the lens free from oil mist and dust.