PMM RA-01-HV Active Rod Antenna

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The PMM RA-01-HV Active Rod Antenna is an active monopole antenna tailored to meet CISPR 16-1-4
specifications and an ideal instrument for RF electric field measurements in a wide variety of EMC applications. The RA-01-HV model is ruggedized to be able to withstand 50 Hz electric fields as high as 8 kV/m, and is therefore best suited to performing interference measurements in close proximity to high-voltage power lines.

With a frequency range of 150 kHz to 30 MHz and an output impedance of 50 Ω, the RA-01-HV can be used in conjunction with any PMM Receiver or Spectrum Analyzer, although its ideal companion for on-site measurements is the PMM 9010F EMI Receiver, portable and fully compliant with CISPR-16-1-1. PMM RA-01-HV antennas provide 24 hours of operating time. Similar models in the PMM family include the RA-01-MIL and the RA-01.