AH Systems AK-18G 20 Hz - 18 GHz EMC Antenna & Probe Kit

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Rent AH Systems AK-18G 20 Hz - 18 GHz EMC Antenna & Probe Kit
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AH Systems AK-18G
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AK-18G Datasheet
The AH Systems AK-18G Antenna Kit consists of five E-field antennas, one magnetic loop antenna, and two current probes. Each of the antennas and probes are provided with calibrations when connected to a 50-ohm input receiver or spectrum analyzer. Each of the E-field antennas mounts directly to the tripod azimuth and elevation head. The azimuth and elevation head allows the operator to vary the antenna azimuth (direction) and to change the antenna polarity (vertical or horizontal). Cables and an adapter are provided to connect each antenna and probe to either a BNC or N type connector on the receiver. Cable calibrations are supplied. To obtain the field strength of the signal being measured, the operator must add the receiver reading in dBuV, the antenna factor in dB, and the cable attenuation in dB. This yields the field strength in dBuV/m. Calibrations for the E-field antennas are supplied at appropriate spacings (1, 3, and 10 meter) to comply with various specification requirements.
AH Systems AK-18G Specs
Model Number Frequency Range Antenna Factor (dB/m)
SAS-510-2 290 MHz – 2000 MHz 14 to 32
SAS-542 20 MHz – 330 MHz 9 to 23
SAS-550-1B 9 KHz – 60 MHz -1 to 3
SAS-560 20 Hz – 2 MHz 18 to 15
SAS-571 700 MHz – 18 GHz 22 to 45
    Transfer Impedance
BCP-510 20 Hz – 1 MHz -40 to –30
BCP-511 20 KHz – 100 MHz -1 to 1
SAC-18G-3 Up to 18 GHz 3.5 dB @ 18 GHz
Optional Equipment
    Gain / Attenuation
PAM-0118 20 MHz - 18 GHz 33 dB
SAC-18G-0.5 Up to 18 GHz 1.5 dB @ 18 GHz