SCS Ionograph BT Series

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The SCS Ionograph BT Series performs benchtop ionographs for quick and accurate testing of individual parts, complete assemblies or small devices. Special Coating Systems Ionograph ionic contamination test systems utilize the dynamic extraction method to measure resistivity change when a substrate is submerged in ultra-pure test solution. Special Coating Systems (SCS) Ionograph BT Series units enable users to match the test cell size with common substrate sizes to provide enhanced testing accuracy and speed. Models in the Special Coating Systems (SCS) Ionograph BT Series, operated by Windows-based PowerView software, are available with an all-in-one computer or tablet for maximum convenience and efficiency. The CE-certified systems feature easy-access door panels for the routine maintenance of consumable components and their full stainless-steel structure is durable for easy cleaning and corrosion resistance. For enhanced safety, electronic components are isolated in a separate, remote control module.

SCS Ionograph BT Series models are available in multiple test cell sizes, including: Small Parts (SP), Medium Parts (MP), Large Parts (LP).