SCS Ionograph SMD V Ionic Contamination Test Module

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The SCS Ionograph SMD V ionic contamination test module is a floor unit commonly used for larger circuit boards in high-volume production environments. Submerged agitation jets and optional heated extract solution provide outstanding sensitivity, operational efficiency and the ability to test ultra-fine pitch components with ease and accuracy.

The Specialty Coating Systems Ionograph SMD V offers users the ability to test components with a heated or non-heated test solution. IPC-TM-650 describes the benefit of a heated solution to "accelerate and improve the efficiency of extraction of material from poorly accessible regions, such as under surface-mounted components." In addition to increasing cleaning efficiency, a heated system also ensures temperature consistency of the test solution, whereas solution temperature in an unheated system can vary due to circulation pump friction created during the testing process.

The CE-certified Ionograph SMD V is available with a convenient onboard all-in-one computer or tablet, providing efficient control and monitoring of the test system using Windows-based SCS PowerView software. The system features easy-access door panels for the routine maintenance of consumable components (e.g., DI columns and pump filter).