SCS Ionograph SMD II

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The SCS Ionograph SMD II is the industry standard for ionic contamination testing specified in commonly used cleaning standards. Using the dynamic extraction testing method, this line gives you a reliable testing solution at an affordable price. This method measures resistivity change when a substrate is submerged in the ultra-pure test solution. The degree of change in resistivity indicates the level of contamination, which is often the result of residues from fabrication and board assembly processes.

The Specialty Coating Systems Ionograph SMD II is a floor unit useful for larger circuit boards in high-volume production environments. Submerged agitation jets and heated extract solution provide outstanding sensitivity, operation efficiency, and the ability to test ultra-fine pitch components with ease and accuracy. Useful features include precise cleanliness testing of performance-sensitive small parts and tools as well as corrosion prevention and prevention of performance issues due to ionic contamination.

Along with the SCS Ionograph SMD II, this product is available in four other models including the SMD IV. SCS Ionographs offer customers reliable and efficient testing capabilities.