Specialty Coatings Systems Ionograph SMD II

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Specialty Coating Systems SMD II
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SMD II Datasheet
The SCS Ionograph® is the industry standard for ionic contamination testing specified in commonly used cleaning standards. Using the "dynamic" testing method, this line gives you a reliable testing solution at an affordable price. Plus, the SCS Ionograph series is available in five different models, including our SMD II and SMD IV, along with benchtop modules for small, standard and large parts — all operated by our advanced SCS PowerView™ software. SCS Ionographs offer customers reliable and efficient testing capabilities.
Specialty Coating Systems SMD II Features
  • Compliance with industry specifications including MIL-STD-2000A, IPC-TM-650 and ANSI/J-STD-001
  • Control of aqueous and semi-aqueous cleaning processes for bare and assembled printed circuit boards
  • Control of both the cleaning and the no-clean processes
  • Testing to prevent corrosion or product performance problems associated with ionic contamination
  • Cleanliness testing of performance-sensitive small parts
  • Cleanliness testing of cleanroom specific products such as gloves, fixtures, assembly tools and critical assembly components used in precise manufacturing
  • Process control of no clean/low residue processes, including spray fluxer set up and monitoring