Spellman RHR20PN30 Medium Power HV DC Power Supply

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Spellman RHR20PN30 HV DC Power Supply
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Spellman RHR20PN30
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RHR20PN30 Datasheet
The RHR Series provides the engineer a very wide choice of high voltage power supplies from 5 kV to 400 kV at power levels between 10 W and 500 W. The units have proven their reliability through many years of use in a wide variety of applications.
Spellman RHR20PN30 Specs

50.60 Hz CR Current Regulation Input 105.125 V ac,

Output: voltage continuously adjustable over entire range from zero to maximum rated voltage by means of a 10-turn potentiometer; positive,negative or reversible polarity available

Load regulation: 0 .01 0/6 +1 V for a full load change

Line regulation: ±0_01 °lo ± 1 V for a ± 10% line change SS Slow Start

Ripple: 0.02%+2 Vrms except 0.1% rms on models 100 kV and above

Stability: 0.02% +2V/hr; 0.05°k +5V over 8 hours

Metering: analog voltage and analog current meters, 2% accuracy