Tektronix J18 LumaColor Photometer System

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Tektronix J18 LumaColor Photometer System
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Tektronix Test Equipment J18
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J18 Datasheet Supplemental Document
LumaColor Photometer System
Tektronix Test Equipment J18 Features
  • Interchangeable pre-calibrated heads
  • Accurate spectral and cosine corrections
  • Metric and English units user selectable
  • Large LCD with backlight
  • Rugged
  • Handheld
  • Adaptable to many light measurement needs
  • Battery operated
Tektronix Test Equipment J18 Specs
The J18 system consists of a J18 handheld meter and one of several interchangeable heads (list below) which connect directly to the J18.


J1803 Luminance Head
  • Video and projection screens
  • Surface reflectance
  • Computer displays

J1805 Head for LEDs - Output of red, yellow, green and blue LEDs

J1806 Radiance/Radiant Intensity Head - Display color balance

J1810 Chromaticity Head
  • Measurement of Chromaticity and White Balance of color monitors
  • Color Temperature of Light Sources


J1811 Illuminance Head
  • Highway illumination
  • Luminaries and lamps
  • Workstation illumination
  • Lighting for safety


J1812 Irradiance Head
  • Laser experiments
  • Infrared LED testing


J1803 J1805 J1806 J1810 J1811 J1812
Luminance Luminance Intensity Radiant Intensity Chromaticity, Luminance Illuminance Irradiance
Displays, Television, Medical LEDs Displays, Television Displays, Television Highway lighting, Office lighting, Transportation Lasers, IR LEDs, Research
0.3 to 300,000 candelas/m2 (Nit)

0.1 to 100,000 footlamberts
0.01 millicandelas to 10 candelas 0.001 to 200 W/m2/sr 0.001 to 0.999 x, y and u', v'

0.3 to 1,000 candelas/m2 (Nit)
0.1 to 300 footlamberts

0.01 to 5,000 lux (lm/m2)

0.01 to 500 footcandles

0.001 to 2,000 mW/m2

0.1 nW to 0.2 mW

Spectral Response
CIE Photopic CIE Photopic Flat CIE Tristimulus CIE Photopic Flat
Spectral Accuracy
f1' = <3% (DIN Class A) f1' = <3% (DIN Class A) ±8% 450 to 750 nm f1' = <3% (DIN Class A) f1' = <3% (DIN Class A) ±8% 450 to 950 nm
Acceptance Angle
16° 180° (Cosine) 96° (Approx.)
Other Features
Suction cup LED adapters Suction cup Suction cup Level and cover Cover
  • Real-time Color Measurements
  • Ten Memories for Storing Reference Colors (with J1810 color head)
  • RGB Bar Graphs
  • D6500 Kelvin Calibration
  • Color Temperature Measurement
  • Full Control of Measurements and Output of Results (RS-232)
  • Analog Output
Tektronix Test Equipment J18 Applications
  • Automobile lighting
  • Aircraft lighting
  • Computer and television manufacturing and service
  • Medical lighting
  • Commercial and industrial lighting
  • Photographic equipment manufacturing