Teseq CDN 8015 Capacitive Coupling Clamp

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The coupling clamp is primarily used to inject fast transient and burst interference pulses into signal and data cables, i.e. into any type of connection to peripheral equipment. The IEC standard 61000-4-4 also allows the capacitive coupling method to be used for pulse injection into ac and dc power lines when no appropriate decoupling network is available. The coupling capacitance (typically 100pF) between the coupling clamp and the cable inserted depends on the cable type, the diameter and other factors like screening, etc. The CDN 8014/8015 conforms to the standard in every respect. It has a sturdy construction is suitable for laboratory and on-site use. The precision manufactured German silver coupling plates are housed in wooden case with a crystal-clear protective lid. Contact plates on both sides of the case ensure the necessary grounding to the reference plane.