Thermo Neslab RTE-111 Refrigerated Bath/Circulator

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Rent Thermo Neslab RTE-111 Refrigerated Bath/Circulators
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Thermo Fisher Scientific Thermo Neslab RTE-111
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The Thermo Neslab RTE-111 Refrigerated Bath/Circulator is part of the RTE-Series designed to provide temperature control for applications requiring a fluid work area or pumping to an external system.

The unit consists of a non-CFC air-cooled refrigeration system, circulation pump, seamless stainless steel bath, work area cover, and a temperature controller.
Thermo Fisher Scientific Thermo Neslab RTE-111 Specs
Temperature Range¹ -25°C to +150°C
Temperature Stability2,3,4 ±0.01°C
Cooling Capacity2,5 Watts 500
BTU/H 1705
Pump Capacity2 15 lpm at 0' (0 M)
0 lpm at 16' (4.9 M)
Heater (Watts) 60 Hz Models 800
50 Hz Models 1000
1. Low-end temperature for 50Hz units is -18°C, -23°C and -21°C respectively.
2. Specifications listed for units operating to +5°C using water. Other specifications determined
using fluid with specific heat of 0.6, ambient +20°C (+70°F).
3. For operation below 0°C, covering the bath work area may improve stability.
4. For some applications, agitation and stability above ambient may be improved by
connecting a small length of hose between the pump connections on the rear of the unit.
5. 50 Hz RTE-111 units have a 375 watt cooling capacity.