V Technical Textiles VShieldTex 8777 RF Shielded Enclosure | 30 MHz - 10 GHz

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The V Technical Textiles VShieldTex 8777 RF Shielded Enclosure portable RF Shielded Enclosure is designed to perform RF, EMC, & EMI measurements for design verification, performance testing, pre-certification tests, production line measurements, quality assurance tests, wireless testing, and any application requiring an ambient-free environment.

The flexible design of the VShieldTex 8777 utilizes Shieldex’s conductive shielded fabrics, Nora Dell CR and Berlin, which provide excellent shielding performance. Size, weight, and ease of assembly make it very portable. V Technical Textiles enclosures can be configured to suit your specific product testing applications in a wide range of available configurations, utilizing the largest available inventory of shielded fabrics in the country.

Some examples of the applications for which the VShieldTex 8777 is ideal: pre-compliance testing for EMC & EMI, RF transmitter testing, wireless product testing, in-situ compliance testing, scientific and medical diagnostic testing, aerospace and automotive testing.

8000 Series: Three layer construction offering an average of 85+ dB of shielding performance from 30 MHz - 10 GHz.