Tescom TC-5060B Broadband TEM Cell

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Rent Tescom TC-5060B Broadband TEM Cell
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Tescom TC-5060B-UF-TEM
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The Tescom TC-5060B Broadband TEM Cell, is an economical UHF TEM Cell which generates a consistent Electromagnetic field for testing small RF devices such as Pagers, GPS Receivers, Mobile Phones, etc. An external test signal applied through the input port of the TEM Cell, TC-5060B TEM Cell generates a consistent and predictable TEM test field inside the cell. The radiation field from a device transmitting in the Cell can also be detected through the port using a test receiver. The unique compact and economical design is optimized for measurements beyond the the standard TEM Cell frequency range.
Tescom TC-5060B-UF-TEM Features
  • Radiation and susceptibility test
  • Broadband TEM Cell up to 3 GHz
  • Small size, Small footprint for desktop application
  • High effective shielding
  • Specifically designed for all types of mobile phones
  • DB25 or USB Connector, SMA RF Connector
Tescom TC-5060B-UF-TEM Specs
VSWR < 1.7, 100MHz ~ 3GHz
Path Loss 22dB Typical
Effective Shielding > 70dB 2GHz ~ 3GHz
Effective Cell Height 220 mm
Field Strength at Test Point 13 dBuV/m at 1 uV input
Data Connector DB25(p) outside, DB25(s) inside
RF Connector N(f) outside, SMA(f) outside and SMA(f) inside
Dimension 344(W) x 380(D) x 675(H) [mm]
Door Size 176(W) x 130(H) [mm]
Weight 19 Kg
Tescom TC-5060B-UF-TEM Applications
  • Receiver sensitivity testing, Transmitter radiated power testing
  • EMI and EMS tests for small UHF devices
  • Mobile Phone, W-LAN, PDA, Bluetooth, DAB/DMB