Doble’s Original Power Factor Test

Doble’s Original Power Factor Test
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Doble's Original Power Factor Test

Who created the First Power Factor Test?

Doble was the first company that is credited with creating the first power factor test set. 
Doble is known for being the first to create the power factor test, referred to as the Doble Test at the time.

What Is Power Factor Testing?

Power factor testing is an essential practice for maintaining the quality of an AC power system. The insulation and dielectric losses in a system matter if the technician wants to ensure the condition of a system is up to par.

Example of Leading & Lagging Power Factor

  Doble Test.
The relationship between voltage and current can result in a leading or lagging power factor.

The History Of The Doble Test

Today there are many other power factor test sets that exist from multiple companies, but Doble was originally known for developing this test.

Doble M4100

The Doble M4100 was the original Power Factor Test Set that would be used for testing high-voltage transformers to reveal the power factor quality of the device. The device has several benefits and features, such as Doble's patented line frequency modulation technology, high power capabilities, and an automatic setup.
Doble Test 2.

How The Doble Test Works

The Doble Test essentially applies a high voltage AC signal to the equipment under test, measures the resulting current waveform, and calculates the power factor. This calculation is based on the phase angle between the voltage and current waveforms. Characterizing high-voltage equipment with their power factor performance over time helps to schedule preventative maintenance or replacement on these important assets.

Power Factor Calculation Based On Phase Angle

Doble Test 3.

 ATEC’s Power Factor Test Equipment Options

There are a variety of power factor testers today. ATEC offers a range of user-friendly products from industry-leading manufacturers, including Megger, Omicron, and of course, Doble.

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