SAE J1113: Electromagnetic Compatibility Measurement Procedures and Limits for Components of Vehicle

This SAE Standard covers the measurement of voltage transient immunity and within the applicable frequency ranges, audio (AF) and radio frequency (RF) immunity, and conducted and radiated emissions. By reference, IEC CISPR 25 is adopted as the standard for the measurement of component emissions. In the event that an Amendment is made to the referenced edition of CISPR 25 or a new edition is published, the new IEC document shall become part of this standard six months after the publication of the IEC document. SAE reserves the right to identify exceptions to the published IEC document with the exceptions to be documented in SAE J1113-41. Emissions from intentional radiators are not controlled by this document. (See applicable appropriate regulatory documents.) The immunity of commercial mains powered equipment to over voltages and line transients is not covered by this document.

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