AE Techron 7782 RMS Power Amplifier, DC-50kHz, 3.3kW

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The AE Techron 7782 is a 3.3 kW power amplifier that has a DC to 50kHz small signal band-width, 150Vpk, and up to 150Apk power. The 7782 is the original member of the 7000 series, offered now as a remanufactured product; it offers a balance of great value, reliability and strong performance.

The 7782 works best into loads of 2 ohms or less. A single 7782 can provide 40mSec bursts up to 150Apk. For greater voltage or current, units can be combined in parallel or series to create arrays of amplifiers capable of pulses in excess of 500Vpk and 600Apk.

The 7782 can operate in either voltage or current operation modes. It is useful for a wide variety of EMC power susceptibility tests, including MIL STD-461 and DO-160 Section 18. The 7782 is also typically used as a gradient amplifier in small bore, high-gain MRI systems of up to 150Apk per axis.