AE Techron 7136 AC/DC Amplifier with Precision DC Power Supply

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The AE Techron 7136 AC/DC Amplifier is a high-voltage, four-quadrant, 900VA AC/DC amplifier capable of achieving 180V RMS at 5 amps. AE Techron 7136 amplifiers combine a compact size, user configurability and DC-Max topology in a rugged unit ideal for DO-160 Section 16 AC with DC offset testing. 7136 units weight only 40lb and fit into a standard 2U rack space, while still outputting up to 900 watts RMS continuous. Gain, maximum current, and DC offset can be fixed or infinitely varied via the front-panel user controls. The choice of AC or DC coupling makes it suitable both for DC applications and for driving objects like coupling transformers or piezo elements.