AE Techron 7224 Power Amplifier | DC - 300kHz, 900VA

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The AE Techron 7224 Power Amplifier generates 900VA RMS of energy for high-power applications to 40kHz, with a small signal bandwidth of 20Vp-p to 300 kHz and 16A of DC power at 13.5 VDC. A single 7224 can output a 40ms pulse with up to 52 amperes at its peak current. In continuous operation, a 7224 can provide 1,100 watts RMS of output power. If more current or power is needed, up to four amplifiers can be combined in series or parallel and operate as a single system.

The AE Techron 7224 Power Amplifier can operate in either voltage or current mode and can be configured by the customer for high voltage/low-current, medium voltage and current, or low-voltage/high current applications. It provides very low noise and fast slew rates, and can safely drive a wide range of resistive, inductive loads.

The 7224 is typically used to create waveforms found in EMC standards like DO-160 Section 18, MIL STD 461, IEC 61000-4-16  and as a gradient amplifier for very small bore, high-gain MRI and NMR systems. Combined with the AE Techron 3110 Standards Waveform Generator, the 7224 can achieve all standards specified in the tab below.

The AE Techron 7224 Linear Power Amplifier is the first model in the AE Techron 7220 DC-enabled Linear Power Amplifier Series.