ABB 504 Power Shield Test Set

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The ABB 504 Power Shield Test Set is a solid-state trip device used to protect I-T-E circuit breakers, specifically types K-6005 through K·4000S, K-DON 600S, K-DON 800S and K-DON 1600S. Damage to circuit breakers is commonly caused by overloads and faults. Problems often arise from arcing faults in particular, which generally result in currents when their magnitude is less than normal load current, but require detection due to the damage which may result from the arc. The long-time, short-time and instantaneous trip elements perform essentially the same protective function as provided by K-Series electro-mechanical trip devices but with greater accuracy and selectivity. A ground-trip function can be included in any model for applications in which fault to ground protection is especially desired. This test set is supplied as a part of the K-600S through K-4000S, K-DON 600S, K-DON 800S and K-DON 1600S circuit breaker packages.