Siemens WLTS Secondary Current Injection Test Set

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The Siemens WLTS Secondary Current Injection Test Set is the perfect companion for service personnel and users of Siemens type WL circuit breakers. It will verify many trip unit functions and, in most cases, removes the need for primary injection testing. The WLTS can perform the following functions:
  • Verify the continuity of the air-core current sensors and the energy transducers in each phase of the circuit breaker.
  • Verify connections to external air-core neutral current sensors in 4-wire residual applications and iron-core ground CTs (current transformers) in MDGF or other directly ground-sensed applications.
  • Verify the connection from the electronic trip unit and the tripping solenoid.
  • Verify that of each of the main overcurrent protective functions (long-time, short-time, instantaneous, and optional ground-fault and neutral overcurrent) will trip the circuit breaker.
  • Help verify communications to an external master by simulating currents in each of the phases.

By design, the WLTS provides a minimally invasive solution for circuit breaker testing, allowing maximum up-time. It allows the operator to quickly determine the health of the entire trip system, and quickly return the circuit breaker to service. The WLTS is the preferred test tool to verify compliance of the entire trip system of the WL circuit breaker, including the trip unit, rating plug, trip coil, current sensors, and all associated wiring. The WLTS has additional functionality that is beneficial during startup and commissioning activities.
  • The WLTS can be utilized as a temporary power supply to provide control power for the WL family of trip units facilitating the programming of the trip unit during startup and commissioning. The WLTS will supply power only to the trip unit and display and not any other connected modules.
  • If the circuit breaker includes a COM15 or COM16, the WLTS can instruct the trip unit to pass along dummy load data to the communications network, so that communications between the WL circuit breaker and the SCADA system can be verified.
  • Remove the trip unit cover (Catalog number WLTSC55 or WLTSC76), if present, and the cover over the X25 test port.