Square D UTA Test Set for PowerPack H-, J- and L-Frame Circuit Breakers

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The Schneider Electric Square D UTA tester operates in one of two modes:
  • In standalone mode (not connected to a computer), the UTA tester connects to the test port on the Micrologic trip unit and can be used to perform:
    • Tripping tests
    • The inhibit functions required for tripping tests by primary current injection

  • In online mode (connected to a computer with USB or Bluetooth) with LTU (Local Test Utility) and RSU (Remote Setting Utility) software, the UTA tester can be used to:
    • Set the protection parameters (RSU)
    • Display the protection parameters (RSU and LTU)
    • Set the alarm parameters (RSU)
    • Display the alarm parameters (RSU and LTU)
    • Display the settings curves (RSU and LTU)
    • Simulate alarms and tripping on the PowerPact H-, J-, or L-frame circuit breaker (LTU)
    • Check discrimination and the ZSI (Zone Selective Interlocking) function (LTU)
    • Store all the operating data and maintenance tests in a file dedicated to each PowerPact H-, J-, or L-frame circuit breaker (LTU)
    • Set the Modbus interface module communication parameters (RSU)
    • Update the firmware in the IMU modules (RSU)
    • Reset passwords associated with the IMU (RSU)