Audio Precision Portable One Plus Audio Analyzer & Generator

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Specifications of the Audio Precision Portable One Plus exceed those of larger (and bulkier!) traditional benchtop analyzers and meters. Distortion and noise residuals are low enough to measure high performance digitally based equipment. If at any time you wish to confirm those specifications, a complete automatic self-test function is provided.

Audio Precision Portable One Plus includes special features to make your bench work easier. Large bargraph displays are available at the touch of a button for peaking and nulling adjustments. Bargraph resolution is user-defined with arbitrary end point settings, and minimum and maximum excursions are shown graphically A sophisticated external sweep mode accepts glide or stepped sweeps from test discs, tapes or external generators. Its features and physical layout are optimized for efficient and intuitive operation. A single push of a measurement Function button produces a reading. Logically grouped buttons control different mode and display choices. Controls and connectors are positioned for convenient operation.