Rohde & Schwarz UPL DC - 110 kHz Audio Analyzer System

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Rent Rohde & Schwarz UPL DC - 110 kHz Audio Analyzer System
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Rohde & Schwarz UPL
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UPL Datasheet Accessory Kit
DC - 110 kHz Audio Analyzer System
Rohde & Schwarz UPL Features
  • Balanced (XLR), unbalanced (BNC) and optical (TOSLINK) inputs and outputs for connecting consumer electronics and professional studio equipment
  • The levels of the balanced and unbalanced outputs are adjustable so that the sensitivity of digital audio inputs can be determined
  • The format of the generated channel status data may be professional or consumer irrespective of the selected interface
  • A reference (XLR) and a synchronization (BNC) input provided on the rear panel allow both the analyzer and the generator to be synchronized to the digital audio reference signal (DARS) to AES 11, and the generator in addition to word clock, video sync signals (PAL/ SECAM/NTSC) and to 1024 kHz reference clocks
  • Both generator and analyzer can be driven at clock rates of 35 kHz to 106 kHz. The clock signal can also be produced internally by the generator