Keysight U8903B Performance Audio Analyzer

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The Keysight U8903B Performance Audio Analyzer collects high-resolution audio measurements with incredible precision and accuracy. The U8903B audio analyzer excels with measuring even the most complex audio devices, featuring an exceptional DC measurement bandwidth of 10 Hz to 1.5 MHz. The performance analyzer offers user-friendly functions like built-in test sequences and automatic tests on the device's upgraded 4 analog analyzer channels.

The Keysight U8903B Audio Analyzer maintains an excellent performance on all devices thanks to a low residual distortion of <-110 dB. Upgraded Bluetooth audio measurement capabilities meet the advancing technologies as it operates with version 4.0 and handles a maximum output power that reaches 5 dBm. Additional features, like an included digital audio card, allow the Keysight U8903B to deliver comprehensive audio analysis with a single benchtop unit.