Com-Power AC-220 Combilog Antenna, 30 MHz - 2 GHz

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The Com-Power AC-220 series Combilogs are broadband EMC antennas. It has a range of 30 MHz to 2000 MHz. The AC-220 can be used for both receiving and transmitting during EMC measurements.

The Combilog antenna combines the performance of two standard EMC antennas, the biconical antenna and the log periodic antenna. This saves time by minimizing antenna switching during measurements. A broadband matching network located in the rear of the Combilog antenna helps reduce antenna factor variations, especially at lower frequencies. This improves the reliability of the test data.

The feeder line of the antenna is built with a coaxial cable that can handle high power for susceptibility testing.

The antenna comes standard with an insulated mast for tripod mounting and a polarization adjustment joint. The rear triangle elements can be removed for storage and transportation.