Dakota Ultrasonics CMX DL+ Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

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The Dakota Ultrasonics CMX DL+ Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge measures material and coating thickness simultaneously while detecting pits and flaws in a single mode. This ultrasonic thickness gauge requires no special training to operate. Calibration is done by simply scrolling to a known material velocity or selecting a common material from a list of material types. The Dakota Ultrasonics CMX DL+ is a fully equipped A/B scan scope with 3 fully independent gates (start, stop, width, and threshold).
The Dakota Ultrasonics CMX DL+ comes with a 110dB gain range for added flexibility with a variety of transducer types and applications, and a selectable 50-volt pulser boost or cut (100 – 200 volts). Adjust to certain material types and be successful with common but difficult application scenarios with the 5 position 12dB gain switch.