Druck PV411A Calibration Pump Kit

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Druck PV411A Calibration Pump Kit
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Druck PV411A
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Manual PV411A Datasheet Accessory Kit
The Druck PV411A is a revolutionary development setting new standards for hand held calibration sources. This remarkable product replaces four conventional hand pumps and offers many unique features. The PV411A generates up to 10,000 PSI using hydraulics, 600 PSI pneumatically, vacuum to 95% and a fine range for low"H2O pressure generation.
Kit includes:
  • Heavy Duty Case with Foam Inserts
  • 10,000 PSI Hose Assembly
  • 2 Pieces 1/4” NPT Male Adapters
  • 1 Piece 1/4” NPT Female Adapter
  • 1 Piece 1/8” NPT Male Adapter
  • 1 Piece 1/8” NPT Female Adapter
  • 1 Piece 1/4” Male to 1/8” NPT Female Adapter
Druck PV411A Features
  • Pressure Range from Vacuum to 10,000 PSIG
  • Unique Vacuum Priming Removes Trapped Air
  • During Hydraulic Operation
  • Removable Hydraulic Reservoir can be
  • Disconnect without Draining the Fluid
  • Reservoir has Built in Safety Relief Valve
  • Pressure and Vacuum Selection
  • Fine Volume Adjustment
  • Built in Stroke Adjustment
  • Swivel Head Allows View of Pressure Standard
  • Adjustable Pressure Relief Valve (300 to 10,000 PSI)
  • Ergonomic Lightweight Design
  • Teflon Anodized Parts Reduces Friction
Druck PV411A Specs
Ranges: Pneumatic: 0-600 PSI
Vacuum: 0-28.5 “Hg
Hydraulic: 0-10,000 PSI
Hydraulic Medium: Water or Mineral Oil
Compatibility: Stainless Steel, Anodized
Aluminum Nitryl Rubber,
PTFE, Polyurethane,
Delrin and Nylon
Connections: 1/4” NPT Female
Size: 10.2” x 5.3” x 3.7”
Weight: 2.5 Lbs.