Fluke 700HPPK Pneumatic Test Pump Kit

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The Fluke Calibration 700HPPK Pneumatic Test Pump Kit produces and adjusts pneumatic pressures up to 21 MPa (3000 psi) without needing a nitrogen bottle or another external pressure source. Transmitters, controllers, pilots, and digital and analog gauges receive pressure from the Fluke 700HPPK. The Fluke 700 is the ideal answer for producing high pressure in the field, where environmental factors and operating surfaces can change. A calibration manifold and a high-pressure pump are also included in the 700HPPK to create and precisely modify pressures. The Fluke 700HPPK foldable feet, built-in handhold, and canvas carrying case make the device compact and lightweight, making it simple to transport to the field. There is no requirement for a flat laboratory bench or space in the area because the 700HPPK operates on almost any surface.