EMC Partner CN-GI-CI-V Voltage Coupling Transformer for WF4/WF5A Coupling

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The EMC Partner CN-GI-CI-V is a voltage coupling transformer injection clamp used in conjunction with the AVI3000 for cable bundle testing and in accordance with DO-160 section 22 and MIL-STD-461 CS117. The CN-GI-CI model is the solution for indirect lighting tests primarily used in commercial avionics and military domains. Specifically, this unit is designed for applications where waveforms 1, 4, 5A, and 5B up to DO-160 level 5 are achieved on a cable bundle.

The EMC Partner's CN-GI-CI-V voltage coupling transformer has PIN injection pulses synchronized to AC power and programmable stoke and burst pattern. Without shutting down the unit, you can add additional functionalities during the testing process. The EMC Partner CN-GI-CI-V can function through long-lasting testing periods while ensuring accuracy by delivering the same pulse repeatedly. This device has successfully provided quality testing to over 100 locations to provide stability in your testing process.

Other features include switchable polarity, flexible accessories accommodation, and automated save and repeat testing routines. EMC Partner CN-GI-CI-V voltage coupling transformer also has available circuits for the following standard of RTCA DO-160: SECTION 22, Level 1 to 5, EUROCAE ED-14: SECTION 22, Level 1 to 5, and OEM proprietary requirements based on DO-160 SECTION 22.