Fiberscope ANACONDA Pan-and-Tilt HD Sewer Camera

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The Fiberscope ANACONDA Pan-and-Tilt HD Sewer Camera is one of the most affordable Pan-and-Tilt pipe inspection systems on the market today. Fiberscope ANACONDA Pan-and-Tilt HD cameras feature a new, completely waterproof 2 inch (50mm) diameter camera head, which is well suited for inspecting sewers, drains, ducts, manholes, culverts, wells, and tanks. This is going to give you the best image quality at a reasonable price. The Pan-and-Tilt function of the Fiberscope ANACONDA camera head means that the head will pan side to side at least 90⁰ in each direction, to better view the side walls or around corners, and you can also spin the camera head in a full 360⁰ circle enabling you to fully survey the entire surface of the inspection area. The high resolution color 1/3" CMOS sensor is protected by a durable, scratch proof, sapphire lens and aluminum and stainless steel construction, which is IP68 waterproof. The 6 white LEDs are large great at illuminating large diameter areas and providing consistent light dispersion over the entire surface, and there is a built in 512Hz sonde to locate the camera head underground. The camera head of the ANACONDA HD Sewer Camera is also interchangeable, which is great for areas that may require spare parts or back up units due to damage or contamination.