Fiberscope Inspektor Utility Inspection System

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The Fiberscope Inspektor Utility Inspection System allows the user to complete a visual assessment of underground utility vaults, tanks, large vessels, voids and other difficult to reach, or hazardous areas without the need to enter a confined space or other dangerous area. This initial visual assessment allows the inspector to understand the nature of any potential equipment problem or hazard (such as entanglement, flooding, or vermin infestation) from a safe position. The Fiberscope Inspektor Utility Inspection System consists of a display and a 10x optical zoom camera mounted on a telescoping, articulating pole that can extend up to 20 feet and is submersible in water.

The Fiberscope Inspektor Utility Inspection System's operator views the images on a body-worn or tripod-mounted, 5.6” sunlight-readable display. Optional thermal camera components allow the operator to “see” overheated splices and other hot spots visually even through smoke. Other compatible accessories include different camera types and displays. The Utility Inspection System increases inspection safety and efficiency, while reducing operating costs. Fiberscope Inspektor systems are weatherproof, battery-powered, portable, durable, lightweight, and compact.