Fiberscope VIPER-Mini 0.23" Inspection Camera

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The Fiberscope VIPER-Mini 0.23" Inspection Camera is a durable pipe inspection probe that allows users to easily examine cramped spaces. The VIPER-Mini is perfectly built as a pipe inspection camera, but with 50 meters of length, it can also fit through ducts, vents, and similar pipelines in any environment. The pipe camera is 0.23" (6 mm) in diameter, offering a resolution of 720 x 480 NTSC to produce a clear image on a 9" color LCD monitor. Use in dark environments also won't be a problem with the 4 high-output LED lights on the camera.

Meeting the IP67 waterproof design standard, the Fiberscope VIPER-Mini 0.23" camera will continue working in a wide range of climates. The pipe inspection camera has an operating temperature from -28°C to 50°C and a PVC coated fiberglass cable to prevent any issues from the environment.