Fiberscope VIPER ADV Inspection Camera with 40m Camera Head

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The Fiberscope VIPER ADV Inspection Camera with 40m Camera Head's simple appearance contradicts its host of convenient features such as integrated image/video capture, adjustable light intensity, four-hour Lithium battery pack and an on-screen depth counter. A sensitive CCD chip within the Fiberscope VIPER ADV's 23 mm (1.0") camera head captures every detail of the inspection site. The camera head is protected by a Sapphire lens for extra longevity and high quality images. LED illumination can be easily adjusted depending on the inspection requirements.

Fiberscope VIPER ADV camera's inspection data can be captured and stored as images (JPEG) or video (uncompressed AVI format) and saved to an SD memory card. The Fiberscope VIPER ADV also features a video output for transferring images to a TV monitor. Its 40 meter (131.2') PVC-coated fiberglass push rod is durable, providing excellent support for the camerea head along with a long spring.