Fluke 190 Series III ScopeMeter

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The Fluke 190 Series III ScopeMeter Test Tools is a compact oscilloscope that is accurate and functional, with an extensive memory of 10,000 samples per channel, a rapid sampling rate of up to 5 GS/s, and a resolution of 200 ps. The 190 ScopeMeter series contrasts and compares various test points in an under-test circuit as well as evaluates the timing or amplitude of three-phase or three-axis control systems. ScopeMeter 190 Series III test tools are designed to cover a wide range of application voltages from mV to kV, so technicians can be prepared for anything from microelectronics to heavy-duty higher voltage electrical systems. Using the built-in 5000 counts digital multimeter on two channel 190 Series III models, operators can easily switch from, performing waveform analysis to taking precise multimeter measurements. Vdc, Vac, Vac+dc, resistance, continuity, and diode testing are all measurement functions within the Fluke 190 series model. The 190 ScopeMeter allows up to 30,000 or more data points to be stored in ScopeRecord memory for each channel, which can record glitches and quick intermittent events that last as little as 8 ns. The Fluke 190 uses a suitable shunt, probe, or adapter and has a wide range of scaling factors to measure current and temperature. The 190 Series' independently isolated inputs. This allows technicians to complete measurements in mixed circuits having different ground references reducing the risk of short circuits.