Fluke Ti450 Infrared Camera w/ SF6 Detection

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The Fluke Ti450 Infrared Camera is a dual-purpose thermal imaging camera and gas leak detector, equipping technicians with 4x telephoto-lens compatible pixel thermal photography and accurate SF6 gas testing data. Fluke Ti450 Infrared Cameras measure temperature from -4 to 2192°F (-20 to 1200°C) and possess an accuracy of whichever is greater between 2% and ±2°C. With its SuperResolution technology, the Fluke Ti450 Infrared Camera is capable of delivering 640 x 480 pixel images for stunning photographic clarity. Image-enhancing features are built in to the camera, including MultiSharp focus for increased clarity and LaserSharp auto focus, which determines the optimal focal distance for sublimely focused images.

Fluke Ti450 devices' gas leak detection technology allows technicians to swiftly locate leak origin sites and does not require taking your equipment offline. Leaks can be discovered far before scheduled maintenance, eliminating leak issues in time to perform necessary work.