High Voltage Ohm-Check Neutral Resistance Tester

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The High Voltage Ohm-Check Neutral Resistance Tester is a concentric resistance analysis instrument which injects AC current through live cable neutrals and tests for the corresponding voltage drop, calculating neutral resistance. High Voltage Ohm-Check models receive an input power of 1800 VA and 120 V @ 60 Hz and produce an output power of 0-48 VAC. These devices help technicans prevent shock hazard conditions by locating stray currents and voltages, and help overload protection systems function normally during a cable fault. High Voltage Ohm-Check testers are commonly rented to fulfill requirements for substation ground cable integrity testing like IEEE Std 81-2012 and for a variety of applications calling for accurate determination of whether wires are open or closed due to corrosion or breakage. The testing set is lightweight and portable, easy to set up, and once configured, tests take less than ten seconds.