IFI PT42-5KW Pulse Amplifier 2 GHz - 4 GHz, 5000W

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The IFI PT42-5KW Pulse Amplifier is a TWT amplifier with a 2 GHz - 4 GHz frequency range and 5000W of power. IFI PT42-5KW pulse amplifiers, as part of the PT HP-Series, are specifically designed for microwave testing applications and come in various packages that offer all the controls and communications needed for today's automated test systems. The IFI PT42-5KW features a modular design that minimizes internally produced EMI signal leakage and provides easy access for field service along with rapid turnaround at depot level repair facilities. Redundant thermal and airflow sensors prevent the TWT from overheating. High VSWR protection is built in to the amplifier. The backlit LCD screen shows forward/reverse power indication, status and self-diagnostic information, and RS-232 and IEEE-488 interfaces are included.