AEN 134: OTDR Testing Basic


IEC 61000-6-2: Immunity Testing of Industrial Equipment

Products Used in Testing:

Advanced Amplifiers Advanced Amplifiers AA-700M3G-30 Solid State Amplifier | 700 - 3000 MHz, 30 W

The Advanced Amplifiers AA-700M3G-30 is a solid state continuous wave, high-linearity class AB power amplifier that operates over a frequency range of 700 - 3000 MHz and generates 30 W of power. Its revolutionary design offers...

Advanced Amplifiers
Instruments for Industry (IFI) IFI PT42-5KW Pulse Amplifier | 2 GHz - 4 GHz, 5000W

The IFI PT42-5KW Pulse Amplifier is a TWT amplifier that provides up to 12,000 watts of pulse power. The PT42 has a variety of frequency ranges from 1.0 – 18.0 and 5000 W of power which is a part of the PT HP-Series. The...

Instruments for Industry (IFI)
Instruments for Industry (IFI) IFI T4026 Millimeter RF TWT Amplifier Series

The IFI T4026 Millimeter RF TWT Amplifier series demonstrates excellence in RF performance, their signature Traveling Wave Tubes (TWT) allowing for an uber-wide frequency range of 26.5 – 40.0 GHz. These innovative...

Instruments for Industry (IFI)