Keysight 81150A High Voltage Pulse Generator

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The Keysight 81150A Pulse Function Arbitrary Noise Generator features versatile waveform and noise generation with 1 μHz to 120 MHz pulse generation (variable rise/fall time). The 81150A model has 2 differential outputs and offers signal types, including pulse, sine, arbitrary, ramp, square, and noise. The frequency of this noise generator is 240 MHz. 

The 2-channel version allows coupling/uncoupling the channels to generate signals with a defined delay or the channels work entirely independently. The channel add function is able to add a distorted signal from one channel to a clean signal from the other channel. The modulation capabilities like FM, AM, PM, FSK, and PWM up to 10 MHz combined with the noise functionality allow for creating real-world signals efficiently. The selectable crest factor (Vpeak/RMS) allows jitter tolerance testing under real-world conditions and the 26 days repetition rate guarantees random noise. The Keysight 81150A was previously manufactured by Agilent Technologies.