Megger CTER91 Current Transformer Test Set

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The Megger CTER-91 current transformer test set is a lightweight, portable unit for performing excitation, ratio and polarity tests on current transformers using the voltage-comparison method. Utilizing the latest technology, the CTER-91 provides a variable voltage output and precision instrumentation for testing single and multi-ratio CTs. The Megger CTER-91 can perform each of the following tests without changing any leads: excitation, polarity, and ratio. Current transformers can be tested in their equipment configuration, such as being mounted in transformers, oil circuit breakers or switchgear. It is necessary for the equipment to be completely isolated from the electrical system prior to testing.

The Megger CTER-91 provides a variable voltage output and digital instrumentation for measuring the excitation voltage and excitation current that results as the voltage applied to the CT under test is increased. The ratio test is performed by comparing a voltage applied to the secondary winding to the resulting voltage produced on the primary winding. Polarity of the current transformer under test is determined by special circuitry that divides the voltage applied to the secondary winding by either 10 or 100, depending on switch position, then adds the result to the primary voltage. Regardless of which test you need, the Megger CTER-91 current transformer test set is well equipped to perform it.