Megger MVCT VT and CT Analyzer

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Megger MVCT VT and CT Analyzer
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Megger MVCT
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MVCT Datasheet
The Megger MVCT VT and CT Analyzer is a portable current and voltage transformer test set with an output power of 300VA, an input range from 0 to 2/10/50/300V, and a current measurement range of 0 to 1.0A. CT Testing applications for the MVCT test set include saturation tests--with the single push of a button, the MVCT will perform a saturation test in compliance with either IEEE C57.13.1, IEC 60044-1, IEC 60044-6 or IEC 61869 standards. Polarity of current transformers is easily discovered through ratio, polarity and burden testing, comparing voltage applied to the first and second windings and indicating results with a simple "Correct" or "Incorrect." The Megger MVCT also conducts winding resistance, demagnetization and CT burden testing. Inductive VT tests are supported as well, with VT ratio and polarity, winding resistance and insulation testing also possible. The Megger MVCT provides a microprocessor-controlled variable voltage and current output, along with precision instrumentation for automatically testing single and multi-ratio CTs and VT’s. The Megger MVCT is controlled via its large, full color, high resolution, sunlight readable TFT LCD touch screen display. This interface allows the user to perform manual and automatic testing quickly and easily using the manual test screen, or by using pre-constructed test routines. Megger MVCT units can also be be controlled via a laptop utilizing PowerDB or with Megger’s existing Smart Touch View Interface™ (STVI).
Megger MVCT Features
  • Ability to test both VT and CT
  • Easy to use one-button automated test plans
  • Industry leading test duration using patented simultaneous tap measurements
  • Smallest and lightest unit on the market
  • CT Kneepoints up to 30kV
  • CT grouped testing includes Demagnetization, Knee Points, Ratios, Saturation Curves, Winding Resistances, Polarities and Phase Deviation (on all taps of multi-ratio CTs)
  • VT testing including Demagnetization, Ratio, Winding Resistance, Polarity and Phase Deviation
  • Performs Secondary Burden tests
  • Integrated 1 kV DC insulation test system
Megger MVCT Applications
  • Saturation Test
  • Ratio, Polarity (and Burden) Test 
  • Winding Resistance Test
  • Demagnetization
  • CT Burden

  • Ratio, Polarity and Ratio with Burden Test
  • Winding Resistance Test
  • Insulation Resistance Test
  • Data Storage and Printing