Narda SMARTS Surveillance Monitor, 8825B

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The Narda SMARTS Surveillance Monitor, 8825B is a fixed high-frequency warning device. Narda SMARTS Surveillance Monitors provide continuous detection of RF radiation within a specific area. Narda SMARTS 8825B models can cover any frequency between 500 MHz to 100 GHz. SMARTS monitors represent an advance in safety monitoring programs for non-ionizing radiation. The Narda SMARTS 8825B uses broadband thermocouple detectors to monitor the electric field. SMARTS 8825B models sound an alarm only when the average power level is exceeded and are ideal for use with microwave systems where pulse modulation is normally employed. SMARTS monitors are available in a totally nonmetallic, weatherproof enclosure for outdoor mounting. This enclosure will protect the SMARTS from dust, rain, or heavy seas.

The Narda SMARTS Surveillance Monitor, 8825B is part of the Narda Safety Test Solutions SMARTS Series