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What are some workplace hazards That Need To Be Addressed Right Away?

High radiation, dangerous gases, and illegal UVAs are all concerning hazards for a safe workplace. Anything that can harm employees in the short-term or long-term should be fixed as soon as the problem arises.  
In a post-Covid world, companies are more aware than ever of worker safety; however, an illness that resulted in a global pandemic is not the only hazard in working environments. In order to maintain safe working conditions, employers need to evaluate the quality of their work environment.

Personal Safety In The Workplace

Workplace Safety is an umbrella term for anything pertaining to the safety of workers in a space and the practices used to maintain their safety. Workplace safety is important for any industry, including manufacturing, construction, and more. To better understand the best way to maintain the safety of a space, people need to first consider possible workplace hazards. Hazards in the workplace can include high electromagnetic radiation levels, poisonous gas, and unauthorized UAVs.

RF Signals

RF signals can become dangerous if the radiation levels are too high. Long term exposure to these signals can be detrimental to a worker’s health and has even been linked to cancer. In jobs where exposure to radiation is more likely, it is important to monitor for excessive levels. RF signals can be found using personal RF monitors, area monitors, and RF survey meters.  


Gas such as CO, CO2, NO2, and others can make an area unworkable. Poisonous gases are the last problem employers want to expose to their employees. For example, carbon monoxide exposure can be deadly. Carbon monoxide can become a hazard in any confined place or building where workers might spend most of their time.

To eliminate this problem, there are detectors that can be put in a place to monitor the air quaility. In some cases, technicians will determine the air quality with a gas area monitor, a confined space gas monitor, or a particle counter. 

Illegal UAVs

UAVs, often referred to as drones, create a unique problem for workplace safety. Drones invade personal privacy and in environments where privacy and classified information are vital to success and overall safety, drones can be a real problem. Whether it is the military or another government agency, people need to be able to detect drones that are a threat to national security and workplace safety. 

In addition to security concerns, drones have been known to hit buildings and people. Being able to detect UAVs can limit the likelihood of workers being hit by a drone. Interference finders and drone trackers can be used to detect these UAVs. 

Maintaining A Safe Work Environment

Regardless of the threat, there are many devices that can help operators determine if a workplace is safe and up to standard. ATEC carries a range of test equipment to complete this kind of in-depth and critical analysis.
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Safety Equipment Rentals

  • Personal RF Monitors
  • Area Monitors
  • RF Survey Meters
  • Radiation Meters
  • E-Field Probes
  • Gas Area Monitors
  • Confined Space Gas Monitors
  • Particle Counter
  • Gas Analyzers
  • Dew Point Meters
  • Interference Finders
  • Drone Trackers
  • Thermal & Infrared Cameras

Choosing The Right Workplace Safety Equipment

Reach out to an ATEC rental agent today to learn more about our workplace safety equipment. We can also help advise you on the best device for you, based on your testing requirements and standards.


Workplace Safety Equipment Rentals

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Personal RF Monitors

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