Polytec OFV-5000 Modular Vibrometer

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The Polytec OFV-5000 Modular Vibrometer is a non-contact laser doppler vibrometer with a frequency range from DC to 24 MHz that includes a customizable laser turn head and customizable compact sensor head. The OFV 5000 decodes signals coming from the sensor head in real-time and is ready for use within a few minutes. Providing the latest decoding technology that ensures precise measurement, the Polytec OFV 5000 is equipped with the latest decoding technology, which brings technicians precise measurement results. The doppler 5000 can be configured using two different laser technologies that allow technicians to measure super fine structures like electronics or hard disk drives. Polytec OFV 5000 laser technology allows measurements to be completed in water and through the water if needed for underwater measurements. The doppler 5000 comes with 5 different sensor heads that can be changed for accurate testing and measurements.