Signal Recovery 7230 General Purpose DSP Lock-In Amplifier

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The Signal Recovery 7230 general purpose DSP lock-in amplifier provides excellent signal recovery performance from a range of 1 MHz to 250kHz. The 7230 offers much more than just dual phase lock-in detection at the reference frequency of an applied signal. This lock-in amplifier includes dual reference and dual harmonic detection, which allow signals at two different frequencies to be measured simultaneously, and tandem demodulation. The Signal Recovery 7230 also includes virtual reference mode, allowing reference-free measurement of suitable signals.
The Signal Recovery 7230 provides a virtual front panel via a web browser which gives it a low profile for integrating into larger system configurations.  This has been achieved by easy-to-use control panels that can be operated from any computer. There is no need to be in front of the instrument to operate it - now you can set up your experiment in the lab but return to the office while it runs, monitoring what is happening via your computer. And if you need to make a change to a setting then it’s as easy as clicking a button on a web page.