Stanford Research Systems SR844 Lock-In Amplifier

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The Stanford Research Systems SR844 Lock-In Amplifier is the widest bandwidth lock-in amplifier available. The SR844 provides uncompromised performance with a frequency range of 25 kHz to 200 MHz and up to 80 dB of drift-free dynamic reserve. This amplifier includes many features associated with SRS DSP lock-in amplifiers most notably programmability and ease of operation.

The Stanford Research Systems SR844 lock-in amplifier has both 50 Ω and 1 MΩ inputs. The 1 MΩ input is used with high source impedances at low frequencies, or with a standard 10× scope probe. The 50 Ω input provides the best RF signal matching. The Stanford Research Systems SR844 is easy to use. All instrument functions are set from the front-panel keypad, and the knob is used to quickly adjust parameters. Up to nine different instrument configurations can be stored in non-volatile memory for fast, reliable instrument setup.