Signal Recovery 7265 DSP Lock-in Amplifier

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The Signal Recovery 7265 DSP Lock-in Amplifier uses the latest digital signal processing (DSP) technology to extend the operating capabilities of the lock-in amplifier to provide the researcher with a versatile unit suitable both for measurement and experimental control. This versatility also renders the 7265 DSP useful for users wishing only to make a simple measurement quickly and easily. Operating over a frequency range of 1 MHz to 250 kHz, the Signal Recovery 7265 offers full-scale voltage sensitivities down to 2 nV and current sensitivities to 2 fA.

The Signal Recovery 7265 DSP amplifier provides a choice of operating modes, signal recovery or vector voltmeter, for optimum measurement accuracy under different conditions, and the use of DSP techniques ensures exceptional performance. The Signal Recovery 7265 DSP lock-in amplifier performs all the normal measurements of a dual phase lock-in amplifier, measuring the in-phase and quadrature components, vector magnitude, phase angle and noise of the input signal. Several novel modes of operation are also included to give the Signal Recovery 7265 greater levels of versatility than ever before, including virtual reference, dual reference, spectral display, transient recorder, frequency response, and harmonic analysis.