Signal Recovery 7280 Lock-in Amplifier 0.5 Hz - 2 MHz

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Rent Signal Recovery 7280 Lock-in Amplifier 0.5 Hz - 2 MHz
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Signal Recovery 7280
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7280 Datasheet
The Signal Recovery 7280 Lock-in Amplifier 0.5 Hz - 2 MHz is an exceptionally versatile instrument with outstanding performance. With direct digital demodulation over an operating frequency extending up to 2.0 MHz, output filter time constants down to 1 µs and a main ADC sampling rate of 7.5 MHz it is ideal for recovering fast changing signals. But unlike some other high frequency lock-ins, it also works in the traditional audio frequency band.

In addition to its excellent technical specifications, it is also very easy to use. The front panel is dominated by a large electro-luminescent display panel, used both to show the instrument's outputs and for adjusting its controls via a series of menus. Controls are set by a combination of the use of the keys surrounding the display and the keypad, while four cursor-movement keys simplify use of the graphic display menus.
Signal Recovery 7280 Features
  • 0.5 Hz to 2 MHz operation
  • Voltage and current mode inputs
  • Direct digital demodulation without down-conversion
  • 7.5 MHz main ADC sampling rate
  • 1 μs to 100 ks output time constants
  • Quartz crystal stabilized internal oscillator
  • Harmonic measurements to 32F
  • Dual reference, Dual Harmonic and Virtual Reference modes
  • Spectral display mode
Signal Recovery 7280 Applications
  • Scanned probe microscopy
  • Optical measurements
  • Audio studies
  • AC impedance studies
  • Atomic force