Stanford Research Systems SR830 Digital Lock-In Amplifier | 1 mHz - 102.4 kHz

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The Stanford Research Systems SR830 lock-in amplifier operates over a frequency range of 1 mHz - 102.4 kHz and possesses a dynamic reserve of >100 dB. Stanford Research Systems SR830 lock-in amps harness the power of digital signal processing (DSP) to measure and display the magnitude and phase of signals. The SR830 has differential inputs with 6 nV/√Hz input noise; input impedance is 10 MΩ, while the minimum input sensitivity is 2 nV. While an analog lock-in amplifier uses a demodulator to integrate the input signal with the reference signal, the digital processing technology in the SR830 demodulates by sampling the input signal with a high-precision A/D converter, allowing for 100 dB of unfiltered dynamic reserve. DSP also provides digital filtering and digital phase-shifting to streamline measurements.