SMC Raptor C05 Primary Injection Test System

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The SMC Raptor C05 Primary Injection Test System is a lightweight, portable device that gathers comprehensive data, equipped with a detachable touch screen console. The SMC Raptor has a 3-kVA digital amplifier with a digital waveform generator that can drive up to 9,500 watts. A current injection with variable frequency. The Raptor SMC can test circuit breakers, complete ground grid integrity verification, determine transformer saturation analysis, and find burden and ratio measurements. The SMC Raptor implements pass-through secondary techniques with a centered hole for high current applications. The Raptor SMC provides automatic regulation of the magnitude to be injected, bringing stability regardless of power supply changes. The SMC Raptor permanently stores custom settings and test results for subsequent download from a PC via USB. The Raptor SMC allows technicians to update the system over the internet with its built-in RJ-45 ethernet connection. If extra power is required, the SMC Raptor enables for the addition of 5-kVA auxiliary units up to 18 kVA and a maximum 15,000 A injection.