SMC Raptor C-05 Primary Injection Test System

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The SMC Raptor C-05 Primary Injection Test System is small, lightweight, accurate & far more productive than traditional primary injection test sets. The SMC Raptor C-05 features a digital waveform generator driving a 3-kVA switching amplifier designed for a maximum 15 kA throughput. The amplifier's output is applied to a toroidal winding that surrounds the Raptor’s pass-through hole internally. A concentrically aligned Rogowsky sensor measures the current inside the hole, providing continuous feedback to the amplifier for dynamic compensation of load or supply variations with an accuracy better than 1%.

In addition to the 20-400 Hz variable frequency and to the high current output which is common to all Raptor units, the SMC Raptor C-05 features a 2000-VA auxiliary output that supplies up to 35 A in current mode and up to 200 V in voltage mode, as well as measuring inputs for external AC or DC, including a high sensitivity 0-3 V input. As an alternate method for trip detection, a binary input is also provided to monitor the activity of a dry contact or energized point in the object being tested. The input is sensitive to voltage for automatic mode switching. Finally, the SMC Raptor C-05 includes a system expansion connector for future developments.

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